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Setting Up Your Web Hosting Account And Installing WordpPress

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Setting Up Your Hosting Account | Zeusify

It’s time to get started!

We Start Off By Choosing a Package

We offer a variety of hosting packages to make sure we fit your needs. Need a simple website for an organization? Try out our Basic Hosting package! Need multiple websites for an enterprise or business? No problem, try out our enterprise plan.

image showing all Zeusify hosting plans

Now We Register A Domain For The Hosting

After choosing your package, you will automatically be redirected to choose a domain for the hosting service. Feel free to register a new domain! Already have one? No problem, simply choose “I will use my existing domain and update my nameservers.” and update the nameservers as so. Need help finding your nameservers? Contact our live chat support at any time.

image showing domain registration process

Simply Create Account And Checkout

Now simply create create your account and checkout to finish setting up your hosting account. Congratulatins! You now have a Web Hosting Server! Still need help? Contact our live chat support.

image showing account creation process

Navigate To My Services

Image showing location of all services tab
image showing "My Services" tab
image showing active services

Select Login To cPanel

To login select “Log in to cPanel”. This is a one-click login link that will take you to your personal cPanel workspace. We have all of our web hosting applications located here to make it as easy as possible for you the client.

Image Showing cPanel login link

Installing WordPress On cPanel

Navigate to the bottom of your cPanel to the “Softaculous Apps Installer” section. Once here, go ahead and click the WordPress Icon. This will take you to our easy WordPress custom installer.

image showing how to install WordPress

WordPress Simple Custom Install

We Recommend doing a custom install to ensure that your wordpress site is properly using “https” SSL certificates. This also gives more control to the user to customize the installation to your liking.

image showing installation button location

Go ahead and select “https://” or “https://www.”

image showing https selection options

From here we can now customize the admin Username, Password, and Email. We highly recommend saving these details in a secure password bank. You can also change the admin email to a personal or domain based email. The site name as well as the description can later be updated, so feel free to skip it if you’d like.

image showing custom installation process

Once we are satisfied with all the settings we have updated, we can go ahead and install WordPress. That’s it! We are almost ready to start our WordPress journey.

image showing WordPress install button

Accessing WordPress In Softaculous

image showing all installations button

Go ahead and navigate to the top of the Softaculous page and click all installations.

image showing one press login link

We offer a simple one-click login for your WordPress account. Isn’t that easy?

Accessing WordPress In cPanel

To access your WordPress installation through cPanel, go ahead and search for “WordPress Manager by Softaculous” or simply find it in the Software section of your cPanel.

image showing WordPress Installation

From here we can access your WordPress site with a one-click login link. Congratulations, you are now ready to start your WordPress journey!

image showing login button for WordPress Installation login

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